WS-X6516-GBIC is PwrDown after supervisor module upgrade

Perhaps I am the worst network engineer in the world, or I am just unlucky.

I recently upgraded some of the 6509 switches. I bought a brand new 6509-E system, including chassis, fan, power, and some new line cards. I also insert my fiber line cards that I used in old 6509 with supervisor 2.
Everything was fine until I checked the status of the modules with the “show module” command. The switch was up, new line cards were functioning, but my old WS-X6516-GBIC’s were in PwrDown state. When I checked the switch logs, I found

00:02:31: %C6KPWR-SP-4-UNSUPPORTED: unsupported module in slot 2, power not allowed: The image for the card is not bundled in image.

What does it mean? I had a recent IOS, and it does not support this card. I was not surprised because it happened to me before. I just checked the software advisor tool from Cisco and found another version. I tried it, but it did not work out, either.

A wise friend told me that I should try a safe harbor image. Until then, I was not aware of the safe harbor program. Safe harbor images are tested images. They are stable, interoperable, and robust. It was my last chance before I have to escalate this problem.

I found out that there are some problems between Supervisor Engine 720 and WS-X6516-GBIC, but the problem was only valid for 5.0 to 5.3 Hw versions, and I had 5.7. It should not be my problem, but the text mentioned DFC Sub-modules. I focused on the DFC daughter card then. Everything became apparent when I found the document “Catalyst 6500 Series DFC, DFC3A, DFC3B, and DFC3BXL Installation Note”. I saw a note mentioned below

Note You cannot have a DFC in a system with a Supervisor Engine 720

I removed the DFC (WS-F6K-DFC) from one of the WS-X6516-GBIC, and it finally started working. I also changed the IOS images to safe harbor ones. I spent days to solve this problem, and this turned out to be a simple issue that I got the answer from the web instantly!

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