Standalone or stackable Cisco switches do not support NetFlow

NetFlow is a must-have technology suitable for mid-size to enterprise companies. Nowadays, it has become an IEEE standard as IPFIX (Internet Protocol Flow Information eXport). We will be able to find NetFlow technology support on any brand in the market soon. However, which devices of Cisco itself support NetFlow technology?

All routers, including the oldest (e.g., Cisco 2500 series) and smallest (e.g., Cisco 800 series) support NetFlow. Some functions do not exist in older IOS versions.
Catalyst 6500 series switches support NetFlow. Catalyst 4500 series switches support NetFlow with Supervisor IV/V + WS-F4531 Catalyst 4500 NetFlow Services Card.

Standalone or stackable switches do not support NetFlow. It means Catalyst 4948, Catalyst 3750, or Catalyst 3560 series switches do not support NetFlow. You can see the necessary commands on config mode, but they are not effective. It is not about the IOS version or feature set. You need a modular switch for NetFlow.

Unfortunately, the answer to “Which Cisco switches support NetFlow?” is simply the modular switches.

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