The New Cisco Certification Track

I spent more than 20 years in my career, and I have approximately 15 years more until my retirement. I have started with technical support and finished with unified communication, but most of this time spent on networking at every level. Now on a bend of life, I am evaluating how to utilize this last chapter of my professional life.

One desirable alternative is to go back to Cisco networking. As I suggested to newbies, the certification has a crucial but limited role when you apply for a job. So if I am sure about my intention, I should also add necessary up to date certifications to my inventory. So I started to research the new Cisco Certification Track. I had only one expired CCNA certification from 2007 until now.

First impressions

  • The new certification track looks simplified and lean compared to the previous one
  • Even CCNP certifications do not require any prerequisites
  • However, exams look more serious so I afraid to start with CCNP
  • They are still expensive. 300$ for CCNA worth it for sure, but it still considerable money for me.
  • They add some scripting/automation subjects which need clarification

The new CCNA Exam (200-301) will be available at the end of February 2020. I should start studying today to catch this train.

Note1: There is nothing about the content of this new exam on the certification site. The same generic sentences repeat everywhere. Two links worth to visit;

  1. CCNA Study Group
  2. CCNA Study Materials

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