Is it worth it to get CCNA Certified?

It depends on how much you money and time you can invest. To answer this question, we also need to know your goal. You can continue with other Cisco certifications, or perhaps change the path and mix it with something else.

Let’s have a look at what job openings are on the job boards to take advantage of the CCNA certificate.

I- You only have a CCNA certificate, and you are on your way to becoming a network professional
It means that you have started your journey to become a network expert. You can work as a junior admin in a team where experienced network professionals also work. You will do daily tasks, including monitoring, hardware installations (as the second staff member), and routine operations like configuration backup. You cannot make a lot of money in this position; however, it is a good investment for your bright future. If you spend a year or two at this step while preparing for your CCNP, you will be rewarded for your efforts with a good income boost and job security. CCNA certificate is an essential step for CCNP.

II- You only have a CCNA certificate, and you don’t want to invest more in it.
If you say, “CCNA is enough for me, and I don’t want to spend more time and money for certifications,” you can find a job as a system/network admin in a medium-sized company. You will be responsible for windows servers and possibly some other systems. You can make an acceptable amount of cash and work in a setting without much hierarchy. If you are good at relationships and a practical person, this is the exact job for you. The CCNA certificate is sufficient for this position. It will be beneficial in your career.

III- You have CCNA + some Microsoft certifications (like MCSE) + experience
In this case, your dominant skills are system administration skills. You have already proven yourself in this field, and you can work in a Multinational Enterprise branch as a senior system admin. You can also perform network administration tasks with the help of the CCNA certificate. It will also help you lead a team of both system administrators and network administrators in large organizations.

IV- You have CCNA + Security certification (CISA+GIAC) + 3-4 years’ experience
You can work as a System Security Engineer in a Corporate environment, or work as an information security auditor at a consulting firm. Your CCNA certificate will enable you to have more expertise in network issues and support your success.

V-You have CCNA + more than ten years’ experience on Windows & UNIX
If you have development skills, project management skills, and have spent significant years in various areas of IT business. A CCNA is not a big part of your skillset, but at least it shows that you are still in touch with the practicalities of network operations, and helps you achieve the Enterprise Architect position.

As a step or component, CCNA is a valuable item in your inventory. It is worth getting this certificate, and anyone can get it, but you need other skills and experience to use it to the maximum extent. Initially, you cannot expect high paying jobs, but with some experience, you can climb the ladder of success. I strongly recommend that you participate in Cisco programs at colleges for students. It will help them make a smooth start to their careers.

If you would ask, “How much money can you make with a CCNA certificate?” my first answer would be, “No, CCNA itself does not make money for you.”

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