Just took 642-902 ROUTE Exam and failed

I have been slapped on my face when I started the exam. My CCNA Certification was about to expire. I do not need certifications deadly but I wanted to keep the achievements, which I already had. I booked the exam and leave two weeks for preparations. In the end, I failed.

I used mainly Cisco learning network. Some practice question sets gave an impression about the exam. There are some preparation documents too. I also found some web sites most of them were prepared for BSCI exam that could also be helpful for new route exam. Of course, these statements were valid until exam date.

To keep it short I will summarize my findings.

  • It would really help to have official training documents for ROUTE exam (at least the book¬†CCNP ROUTE 642-902 Official Certification Guide)
  • Things like BGP properties , OSPF LSAs should be memorized (to know something about them is not enough)
  • You should made some configuration examples on a lab or simulator on all¬†subjects
  • You should examine all related show commands (I mean in lab or simulator environment)
  • Some of the questions can be time consuming, You should be steady, sure about your answer and do not paused after answered

I am not sure if I will be able to enter this exam again before my CCNA has expired. However, I am sure I will continue to study on these subjects as I mentioned above. This is something more than certification for me now. I realized that I am dulled in years and I have to fix this immediately.

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